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Описание Хитман Про

HitmanPro is designed to work alongside existing security programs without any conflicts. It scans the computer quickly less than 5 minutes and does not slow down the computer except for the few minutes it is scanning.

HitmanPro does not need to be installed. HitmanPro uses innovative cloud computing techniques to detect and remove potential malware threats hihman minimal impact on system performance.

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HitmanPro offers you a Free Scan for a second opinion. Unknown and suspicious files are automatically identified by online identification servers.

This means no software on your system. If nothing is found and we sincerely hope sothen you will never need a license. When a virus is found, then you will receive a free day license to remove the threat.


SurfRight has done an extensive research of malware 21 to determine the common characteristics behaviour of malware.

The HitmanPro client uses this research in its Behavioural Scan, when it scans the computer for virus activities or suspicous files that have the characteristics of malware. For the files that are classified as suspicious, the Hitman Pro client sends yitman request to the Scan Cloud for confirmation if these files are indeed malicious.

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The Scan Cloud is a cluster of multiple computers, residing on the Internet. The Scan Cloud will respond to this request with the answer: When the file is unknown, the Hitman Pro client uploads the file to the Scan Cloud where the file is scanned using the anti virus programs of 5 different vendors. When the file is classified as malicious by the Scan Cloud, the Hitman Pro client is placing the infection into quarantine.

Various techniques ensure that all infections are completely removed without false positives. To remove malicious software the developers have also built a special removal engine that is capable of removing the toughest threats.


HitmanPro Build () PC | RePack by ru-board team

buikd A native NT application is capable of removing resilient threats before Windows starts. And of course, including corresponding references like registry keys and shortcuts. All without the need of updates and signatures.